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Interview w/ Nicole of Tummy 2 Bummy Cloth Diapers

Who's ready for another fabulous Cloth Diaper Interview? This makes 2 in one week! Whoot for me!

Nicole of Tummy 2 Bummy Cloth Diapers has been so gracious to do an interview with us! She has the most adorable cloth diapering website (for all your cloth diaper needs!) and blog!

Take it away, Nicole!

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Nicole and I’m the owner of Tummy 2 Bummy Cloth Diapers www.tummy2bummy.com  I married to a wonder man and I have a 7 month old daughter, the loves of my life. I’m also a Flight Attendant! I’ve been flying for 13 years. J I’m very passionate about cloth diapers and could talk about them for hours, don’t worry, I’ll keep this short J

What made you decide to use cloth diapers (reasons)? Diaper cover, if using separate cover?
When I was pregnant, I wanted to do everything possible to give my baby the best start in life so I started to make some changes. From eating better and exercising (taking pre-natal exercise classes) to sleeping more and limiting different chemicals in my life.  I started to think about things I wanted to do as a mother including breastfeeding, making my own baby food and cloth diapering. Those were things that were important to me. I started to research cloth diapering and found that not only was it better for my baby, it was better for the environment and ultimately my bank account. From the first article I found off of Google, to visiting a cloth diapering store in my area, I was instantly hooked! I couldn’t believe how easy it seemed. I became a little obsessed and started buying a too big stash right away. After buying my 40th diaper, I thought maybe I should slow down, lol.

What type of cloth diaper/cover do you use?
I have a wide variety of diapers. Hybrids (AI2’s), pockets, AIO’s and prefolds with covers.

Why did you settle on that type of diaper (reasons)?
When my daughter was a newborn, we used primarily prefolds with covers. She was wetting/pooping so much, that it was easier for us to just change out the prefold and reuse the unsoiled cover. When she got older (around 2 months) we put away the prefolds/covers for other types of diapers.  When I was buying my stash, I thought for sure that we were going to be a Hyrbid Diaper family and was surprised that both my husband and I reach for pockets as our go to diaper! We mainly use the Hybrid diapers for one the go use.

 What are some positive and/or negative points to cloth diapering that you have found while cloth diapering?
The positive are endless. They are cute, soft, absorbent, healthy, inexpensive, convenient etc. As far as the negatives, the only one I have is hearing people say “EW- you cloth diaper!?!?! WHY!?!?!?”  I then pull one out of our diaper bag and show them. It’s funny to see their faces change when they realize that I’m not using a safety pin to place them on my daughter. Then of course I have to get into how easy they are to wash and how “no, there are not pieces of poo floating around my washing machine with my husbands shirts and my jeans” hehe.

What is your method for rinsing and washing your cloth diapers?
Our routine is cold rinse with no detergent. Followed by a hot wash with detergent and cold/warm after rinse. I hang dry all covers and tumble dry all inserts and wipes. We use Yoreganics Soap Nuts. It’s not a nut, but a berry from Nepal. When agitated in the machine, the soap nut produces saporin which is a natural soap. Completely 100% organic and free from chemicals, dyes, perfumes AND enzymes (something that most “free” and “clear” soaps still have in them) You just place 4-5 nuts in a small bag that it provided with them and throw the small bag in the wash. You change the nuts in the bag every 4 washes or so. I wash ALL of my daughters diapers in the soap nuts as well as her clothes. It’s very economical. I do diaper laundry every day and her clothes every couple of days when they pile up. Even doing that many loads of laundry per week, we are still on the FIRST bag of soap nuts I bought before she was born!  I sell them at my store, they are awesome!

When you are out and about, how do you handle diaper changes, especially messy ones?
We mainly use Hybrids when we are on the go. On days when I know we are going to be gone most of the day, we use GroVia with the biodegradable disposable soakers (chemical free). It’s easy to just use the disposable soaker and toss and reuse the shell as long as it’s not soiled. If I’m just leaving the house for a few hours, I will stick with my “usual” pocket diapers. I bring along two small wet bags with me to contain the mess. I also use flushable liners when out so I can flush away any poop and there is less residue on the diaper.

Do you use cloth wipes?  If yes, what made you decide to use them? What type do you use (homemade, bought etc)? What kind of solution do you use? Tell us about your method.
Originally when pregnant, I decided to use cloth diapers, but disposable wipes. I thought it would be “easier” this way. Then I realized that if I did this, I would have to put the diapers in the diaper pail, and the wipes in a separate garbage can. That’s not exactly easier! I then decided I would buy cloth wipes. Best.Decision.Ever!  I tell so many people to at least try cloth wipes if they are not ready to make the leap to full cloth. The money you will save is astronomical and they are super soft. We do not use a solution, just water. We place the wipes in our wipes warmer. I put in just enough for what I think I’ll need for the day and change daily. I like the warmer because it’s very convenient and keeps the wipes moist and warm.

Do you think you could handle two children in cloth diapers at the same time? Why or why not?
I definitely think I could handle two children in cloth at the same time. It really is very easy to use cloth. Besides, once you know how to do it, you become a pro and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

What is an item you wish you could have for cloth diapering?
A magic elf that will wipe away the poo on the bum? Lol.  Honestly, nothing. I think that we have the perfect system for CD’ing at our house.

What is your go-to place for cloth diaper items and products?
I may be biased…….Tummy 2 Bummy ;)

How many Cloth Diapers (and Diaper Wipes) do you own and use?
Too many diapers. I stopped counting after 40. I could have got away with half of that since I do laundry every day. We have 45 wipes and it’s more than plenty.

Do you use Disposable Diapers? If so, when and why?
Yes, I have used disposables before when on vacation and no access to a washing machine. I felt guilty, lol.

Have your kid(s) had diaper rash or other issues? How do you deal with that?
She had diaper rash one time. It cleared up after about 2 days. I just used the GroVia magic stick on it and it worked. Yay.

What advice could you give to people who are looking into using cloth diapers and/or cloth wipes?
Do research before you buy. Go online and read, read, read. Visit a cloth diaper store in your area so you can see and touch each diaper. Some stores even offer classes. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to use cloth. Good luck Cloth Diapering mommies (and daddies). You are going to love it!
Thanks Nicole for the great interview! =)

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  1. I like your idea about diapers.It is easy to use and Baby feels free to wearing this kind of diapers.It does not create any reaction on baby's skin.


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