Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am feeling {homeschool} inspired! Check it out!

Yesterday was a great yet stressful day but yet I ended the day feelings rather excited and enlightened. I got up that morning, updated the blog then rushed about to get myself and the kids ready to go to a doctors appointment. Everything was going great until after lunch when my hubby and I were trying to get the kids in the car. They both had a total melt down and I was practically in tears. However, walking through the door of our home things seemed to calm down. Space Man went outside to play and Dolly passed out on the floor. She loves the floor.
A little while later, Space Man joined her.
Nap time, as every parent knows, is a window of opportunity. I looked around and decided now would be a good time to look into some homeschool websites I had found recently (via Pinterest, oh yeah!). I have been plagued as of late about what to do about Space Man and Dolly for School. I am still loving my Teach My Toddler Kit but right now Space Man is moving past the kit and desiring more and more information. I decided it was time to move Dolly up to the Toddler kit and start PreK for Space Man. I thought a lot about it and put together a list of what I wanted his PreK to be:

I wanted something play based, something that Space Man and Dolly (and future babies) could really dive into and enjoy hands on. I believe in learning through play for children. I wanted something that would teach the basics (repetition is good) but with variation as the same kit over and over would be boring. I thought themes would be nice like focus on Space for one or a particular book for another. I also wanted something that was free, if possible (I'm on a budget!) and something I could laminate and keep for future kids as well. It would be super cool to put together my own cirruculum, ya know?

I was nervous about being able to find something, anything that fit this criteria and I was thinking I would have to make my own. But PINTEREST came to my Rescue! (Check out my Homeschool board). I have found many fabulous homeschooling websites (you can see the buttons on the sidebar) but these are the two that helped me out recently: Homeschool Creations (Preschool Corner) and 1+1+1=1
I absolutely love these websites (and their blogs). Both of these websites were created by Mommas how never intended to Homeschool but both felt compelled by God (and uplifted in that sense) to homeschool their children and have been gracious and AWESOME enough to share their homeschool cirriculum with us.  The sites are easy to navigate, very organized, bright and colorful and are inspirational and uplifting from the get go. I was especially drawn in by their use of lapbooks (find out about that here). It's just a brilliant idea honestly.

Both sites also have sections for Homeschool Help, information for Montessori and Sensory Bins (very important to little ones) and much more. Awwwww...I am feeling homeschool inspired, aren't you?

 It was difficult not to go totally crazy looking at everything that they had but I focused myself on PreK. I spent the rest of the kiddos naptime downloading the various printables and kits that I found on both these websites. Often Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1 will work and create kits together. Ah! I wish I was that awesome. Check them out!

From Homeschool Creations:

Early Learning Printables--this page has printables for early learning (PreK and before) that range from ABC's and the Bible to Phonics and Handwriting. I really like these bcause I can just pick a category like ABC's and pick what type of activity I would like to print and keep.

Here is a page for PreK resources.

I haven't been all the all the way through this website yet but when I find my way through it I will share my finds with you, Promise!

From 1+1+1=1:

Tot School
Tot School:this a the PrePreK and is perfect for my little Space Man. His speech is still catching up with his awesomeness and he isn't quite ready for all the finer points of PreK like handwriting. This page teaches you about Tot School, what it is, how it works, etc. It also shows you how to make the lapbooks and kits for her printables.

"Tot School is the time each day I spend with my tot, exposing early learning skills through FUN play. Tot School is not forced, is always fun, sometimes doesn't happen the way I plan, and is always focused on my tot."

Well said!

Tot Books & PacksTot School Printables: Each kit has a theme that goes along with a Letter like B is for Outdoor fun and it goes over specific colors and vocabulary words. Carisa also has a blogpost for each kit, explaining how they used them and giving ideas for activities as well as a list of books that would go along with the kit. Isn't that awesome.  I can't wait to start these with Space Man. I hope that he'll be ready for PreK work once we are done with these. =)

Here is an example blogpost about Tot School Printables!

{*Update 3/23/12*}
Tot Time Notebook: I found this today and I got really excited. Another fantastic, awesome creation that is perfect for my Space Man. =) This Tot Time Notebook (free printables and instructions) was created by Carisa for her little girl who wanted to be like her older brothers using their Calendar Notebooks so she created a Tot Time Notebook which is put together the same way but is catered to her 2 1/2 year old. As of today, there are two printables for this notebook: ABC's (A-Z) Coloring & Tracing, Numbers & Shapes and Tot Time Notebook covers. Check out  this page here for all the printables. She promises to add more in the future as she creates them. I'm excited!

Preschool Printables: This is much like the PreK printables from Homeschool Creations. There is a section for colors, numbers, shapes etc and is an individual thing (no theme) so you could print just a page on colors instead of the whole PreK Kit. I haven't been through all these yet. There is soooo much to see!

Preschool Packs: Now this page is the BOMB! This is where I spent most of naptime time yesterday and I think I have downloaded every kit. I can't wait to use them. They are like the Tot Packs and are theme based like Pirates or Princesses. A lot of these kits were made in collaboration with Homeschool Creations so some you would download here and others there (make sense?). Each page is loaded with information like how to put the lapbooks togethers, books to read along with the kit and even blogposts to give you a visual of how it works.

I am so excited to start homeschool with my little ones. I find more and more inspiration everyday. Homeschool is not only for children but for parents too. We have to learn how to teach them in the way that is best for them and often we have to teach more than one child at a time with different learning styles. For me, as my kids get older, I'll actually be learning things that I wasn't taught or never understood. Everyone learns with Homeschool.

Alright, enough talk. I better get started on my day. I hope you are feeling inspired and I'll be seeing you soon with more Homeschool Information!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thanks for all the cool links! I'm always impressed by what some people have come up with for pre-school type stuff. Another inexpensive option is the dollar store - they have all sorts of workbooks and stuff for preschool and they're only a buck!


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